It was never about that hammock on a tropical beach:

it has always been about severing your time from your work.


In the Symposium, Socrates narrates the myth of the first humans: with four arms and legs,

and two heads facing each other like two persons joined together. They were content with

themselves and wanted for nothing, so they soon forgot about kneeling before the gods.

Out of resentment, the gods took revenge by cutting them in half, leaving the bellybutton scar

as a reminder of their wrath. From that moment on, the cursed mankind has roamed the land

desperately seeking their lost half.

While there are now but a few corners left on the planet where a person of good will cannot

start up an online business to elevate himself and his family from destitution, the raise of

the middle class has long since meant the financial and cultural emancipation from centralised

control. It's no surprise that we are currently witnessing the retaliation of the elites against

sound money, property rights and voluntary contracts.

The myth illustrates the current predicament of e-commerce entrepreneurs: worldwide

compliance regulations are making it increasingly difficult to run a honest and profitable

business and, at the same time, lead personal and professional lives spanning across multiple countries.

Our vision is to make you whole again: to rejoin your entrepreneurial drive to bringing value,

with your rightful pursuit of a life of opportunity (...and good luck with learning to walk with

four legs again!).


Location independence: we can only help you by learning how to walk in your shoes, and that's

why we developed OnLeanBiz just like your business is. Location independence is not the rejection

of stability: it is the opportunity to choose where to settle... because home is when I'm free.

Leanness: we pursue effectiveness by streamlining our service with back-end automations,

in order to save time to the both of us, as only saved time can be used for more important things

than work, i.e. the people we love.

Self reliance: we are inspired by places where everything around is unknown, seeking those

with a feeling of frontier and things incomplete, as we find in them more potential for bringing

value and, above all, the cleared space we need to build ourselves.